I just want to share these info to all of you. I found the result about the KLIS 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here is the full result and the winners!

Kuala Lumpur International Short Film Festival 2012 (KLIS 2012)

Congratulation the KLIS2102 winners.

KL Award
Braid/Bian-Zi - Directed by Chun-Hi Hsiwh - Taiwan

Mayor Award

Beneath The Surfaca - Directed by : Saliva Mathiew - France

Short Category
Winner - Crossing Salween - Directed by : Brian O'Malley - Ireland
1st Runner up - The Novel - Paolo Licata - Italy
2nd Runner up - Matador On The Road - Millan Luis Vazquez Ortiz

Student Category

Winner - Bian-Zi/Braid - Chun-Yi Hsieh - Taiwan
1st Runner up - Khara Karodpati - Directed by : Piyush Thakur - India
2ns Runner up - Road To Peshawar - Hammad Rizvi - USA

Animation Category

Winner - Monster And Dumpling - Directed By : Jihwang Jung - South Korea
1st Runner up - La Vuelta - Directed By : Marius Portmann - Switzerland
2nd Runner up - My Father Is A Washerman - Directed By : Srinivas Bhakta - Singapore

CSR Category
Winner - Like Toy Dolls - Directed by : Yihwen Chen - Malaysia
1st Runner up - I Don'r Need A Golf Course - Directed by : Kazuhiko Mizushina - Japan
2nd Runner up - Hotel Of The World - Directed by : Ayoub Luhaabi - Belgium

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